April Fools' Wordsearch Results

Hey Penguins, If you remember last week I shared a crossword to show some stuff coming to CMP's April Fools' Party! Its been a week and ive let you all try to solve it. Its time to reveal the answers.. Did you get any or even all of them? Let us know in the comments! Waddle On, - ClubMinePenguin Team

Happy April Fools' Day

Hey Penguins, Happy Hallowe-- I mean ApRiL FoOlS DaY! Its time for the most wackiest party on CMP EVER!!! To sneak peek a few things coming I made a word search for you guys to try and solve! There are 8 words for you to find! I will release the answers in the upcoming days! Are you excited for this wacky party? Let us know! Waddle On, - ClubMinePenguin Team

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