Operations and Finance Manager

About Me

Hello! I'm limegreenicy, but you can call me lime for short. Other than working on CMP, I love to be active and play sports as well as play musical instruments (my favorite are the drums) for fun. I also love to hang out with friends online and in person!
I have a lot of interests, but my main ones are Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, Univeral, Aliens/Space, DC, Stranger Things, other TV shows and Movies, and of course games! Some games that I like are ofc Club Penguin, Toontown, Minecraft, Wizard101, Pirates Online, Paladins, Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars The Old Republic, and of course a lot of others.
I absolutely love doing what I'm doing for CMP and I adore the staff and community so so so much. I can't wait to continue this awesome journey, make new friends, and gain more memories!

Discord: ʟɨʍɛ#0071

Main Focus

Overlooking and managing everything going on with CMP as well as handling payment, marketing and business inquiries | config, command, 3D model work for CMP Development | Text and Renders for CMP Graphic Design.

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We are in no way associated or affiliated with Disney or Club Penguin. Club Mine Penguin was made and is used for entertainment and learning purposes