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New Staff Rank Change Just Installed!

While playing on ClubMinePenguin, you may have noticed some changes with the ranks on the server. We have changed our staff system, so that each staff member has the freedom to work on whatever they wish! These are the staff ranks: Intern-previously Trainee Staff-These are the general staff members of the server Director-Kind of like a mini manager but not. They have a main focus, in which they would lead. They can participate in other things too, however a Director would be the "leader" in a specific job/department Manager-Managers would commonly have multiple focuses, and on top of that, make all of the upcoming decisions with the Owner/Founder, limegreenicy Founder-Same as Owner, just renamed! We are open to hear any feedback, thoughts, questions, etc. about the changes! So if you have any, please tell us :) Waddle On, ​- ClubMinePengun Team

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