Operation Retaliation: Q&A with Aunt Arctic

February 15, 2017

Aunt Arctic has been reporting alot about the Operation so far, I have decided to catch up with her and find out her thoughts on the current issues!

MJ: What is your part in the current Operation?
AA: Well from the beginning, I was reporting what has happened on CMP news! I want the penguins to know whats going on so they are not scared or frightened! When the meteor was close and hit I was able to cover the story and help Gary out a bit!
MJ: Are you the Director?
AA: The Director? I dont think I have heard of him!
MJ: Will you be here through out the whole Operation?
AA: Yes, I will be here to continue covering new news about the Operation and help out Gary and the community as much as I can!

Aunt Arctic is so kind! I am glad I was able to catch up with her!

Did you enjoy this interview?
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Waddle On,
- ClubMinePenguin Team


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