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Staff Reworked!


Hey penguins! We're finally approaching the opening of so many new features on the server. In order to make more progress, we've reworked our staff team! Let me explain more in depth:

We now have 5 main staff roles.

Moderator -

Moderating discord, server, and streams

Designer -

Concept Artist (for logos, party rooms, etc)

Graphic Designer (logos, catalogs, etc)

3D Renderist (Makes 3D renders)

Texture Artist (textures for resource pack)

3D Modeler (3d models for resource pack)

Sound Designer (resource pack, website, videos, etc)

Illustrator (drawing for comics, books, etc)

Mediaist -

Writer (books, comics, stories, etc)

Blog Writer (makes blog posts)

Video editor (edits videos)

Cinematographer (films)

Builder -

Recreation Builder

Custom Builder


Gamemodes Builder

Developer -

Server Developer (range from coding, configuring, commandblock work, etc)

Web Developer (works on the website)


Along with these roles, we now have a role called Officer. Officers will handle more guest relation type things such as being available on the live support chat we have on here on the site, on the phone line, etc!


We're looking for passionate individuals for these roles - no matter what it may be! If you fit one or even multiple, we encourage you to apply!

If you have any questions feel free to chat with us either on live chat if available, through phone, through the contact form, or in the support channel on our discord server!

Until next time,

Waddle On!

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