Hi​ ​there!Thank you for your interest in joining the
ClubMinePenguin Staff Team!
Before you fill out the
application, please consider reading until the very

About ClubMinePenguin

ClubMinePenguin is a Minecraft server, created for the purpose
of bringing the Club Penguin experience to Minecraft, for all to
enjoy. This would not be possible without our dedicated and
loyal staff members.

So What Is The ClubMinePenguin Staff Team?

The CMP Staff Team is a group of teenagers / young adult
volunteers who ignite their abilities to make this server and
community possible. Whether it’s working individually or as a
team, we all work towards the same goal: Providing a Club
Penguin experience like no other.


Please make sure the following requirements are true before continuing with the application

1.) Have either played Club Penguin or have a well understanding of what it is

2.) Have a well understanding of what being staff means

3.) Must be able to handle and take care of inappropriate language and content

4.) Must be an active user on the server, as well as the Discord server

5.) Must be mature and use proper grammar

Staff Positions

We currently have two main staff positions. Read the
descriptions of both, and apply for whichever best fits your


Being a club penguin minecraft server, we are a family
friendly minecraft server, to ensure penguins of all ages
can have a fun, safe time. Our moderators make sure it’s
exactly that!


Without our developers, this server would not be possible.
Our developers work with the back end stuff of CMP, such
as coding, configuring, command block work, etc. They work hard to do their part and
make everything possible!


Builders build everything you see and experience on the server, in game. Whether it be replica or custom, landscaping or detail, exterior or interior, they are the ones responsible!


The Media, aka Mediaists, are the ones responsible for keeping players up to date externally from in game. They work to bring more content such as blog and social media posts, videos, and more!


Designers custom make most of the art you see and hear. It ranges to 3D models, textures for the texture pack, illustrations, graphic design, sound design, etc.

Please read the following


1.) Applying does not instantly accept you into the staff team

2.) We have a right to deny any application

3.) All of the information you give in the application in confidential between you and the management who review your application

4.) Must be an active user on the server, as well as the Discord server

5.) Being an Intern does not guarantee your promotion to the next rank. It depends on what you do and how you act

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We are in no way associated or affiliated with Disney or Club Penguin. Club Mine Penguin was made and is used for entertainment and learning purposes