About Me

Hey guys, I’m PolarWaffles! I usually go by Waffles for short. I have moderated on seven different CPPSs (Club Penguin Private Servers), and I have around five years of Minecraft moderation and administration experience. I major in musical theater, and I take both IT support classes, and am constantly learning and improving my programming skills. (I currently know Python, C#, HTML, JavaScript, and a bit of Ruby) I also play goal for a cup soccer team. I am a very active person and a lot of my time is focused on staying physically fit. The rest is usually either spent playing video games, or doing my huge amount of school work.
I love working here at CMP, it’s such an amazing experience. I hope to see you around on the server!

Discord: Viargentum (Away)#9576

Main Focus

Moderating chats and player interaction for CMP moderation

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