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ClubMinePenguin is a scale re-creation of Disney's popular MMO web game Club Penguin, in Minecraft.

We aim to stay true to the nature of the Club Penguin while interpreting it into the 3D, pixel-ey world of Minecraft, in efforts to keep the lore alive in a new way that resonates with Minecraft players.


We have a goal of completely replicating all features of Club Penguin! The server will always have more updates to come introducing more and more stuff!


The server was thought of by limegreenicy around April 2016. From there, friends gathered to help shape the server into what it is today!

July 2016 marks the server's initial opening. Around 2018, the server started to undergo a major overhaul, re-building the map from scratch. The server officially re-opened up on July 2020.

Over the years, the server has changed a lot, however maintaining the consistent dedication towards Club Penguin and the player base.

With more and more experience, the server is growing towards a potential never thought possible, all with the team's dedication and the community's love.



Play minigames inspired by Classic Club Penguin to earn coins and better your skills!

Be whoever you want to be! Mix and match styles, and create your own fashion!


SOON: Adopt puffles to adopt soon - all with unique and individual personalities!

Adopt Pets

Meet and hang out with your friends - use over 25 emotes to express yourself!

Make Friends

SOON: Create and decorate your igloo and invite friends over to have an epic party!


Endevour through themed events - island redecoration, new items, stamps, and more!


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