What Are We?

ClubMinePenguin is a Club Penguin based Minecraft server for all ages!

What Do We Strive For?

We hope to bring the best Club Penguin experience into Minecraft for all to enjoy! We put large amounts of effort to make sure everyone has a fun and safe time! We also hope to maintain our family friendly and community focused image so we can always be able to guarantee a safe and fun experience!

How Did This Come To Be?

The idea started in April 2016. Limegreenicy (the founder) gathered some friends to help build and grow the server what is now known as ClubMinePenguin! The first beta test of the server started on July 10th, then later opened on July 20th! Over the years the server has shaped into what it is now with tons of of memories and history to look back on!

What Do We Have To Offer?

As of now, we have our exact replica of the Classic Club Penguin island along with the minigames, monthly events/parties, mascot meetups, and all of the other features! We also have a thing called CMP Gamemodes! As of now in the Gamemodes portion of the server we offer Free For All Normal Survival and Creative Plots! We also have a lot of community communication on our socials outside of the server! There is so much more coming, and we cannot wait to share it with everyone!

Connect with ClubMinePenguin.us.to

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We are in no way associated or affiliated with Disney or Club Penguin. Club Mine Penguin was made and is used for entertainment and learning purposes