Frequently asked questions

What is ClubMinePenguin?

ClubMinePenguin is a Minecraft server mainly based off of Disney's Club Penguin! We offer many fun activities and things to do. Head to the ABOUT page on this website to learn more about us!

How can I play CMP?

You can connect and play with the following steps: 1.) Open up Minecraft and launch on 1.12.2 2.) Once you've launched the game click on "Multiplayer" 3.) Click "Add Server" 4.) For the Server Name, put ClubMinePenguin 5.) For the Server Address, put 6.) Make sure Server Resource Packs are set to Enabled 7.) Click "Done" 8.) Once you've done everything you should see CMP in your server list 9.) Click on ClubMinePenguin and select "Join Server"

How can you be Staff on ClubMinePenguin?

To be a staff member, you have to be at least 13 years of age with maturity,good grammar, manners, and sentance structure. You have to apply for a staff position, then wait to see if you will be accepted or not To apply follow the following steps: 1.) Go to the home page click on the Apply / Applications option 2.) Click on "ClubMinePenguin Staff Application" 3.) Read through the document to ensure you have a full understanding of your position and the staff team in general 4.) At the end of the document choose your desired position 5.) Read and follow the instructions to make sure you submit your application correctly 6.) Submit your answers and wait for a response

What does "Club Penguin based server" mean?

We use the term Club Penguin based server to summarize CMP. Since we aren't exactly what Club Penguin is/used to be, we say we are based off of it. This is because we have custom features such as some things on the island, items, and the gamemode portion of CMP.

When the server is in maintenance, I can't join but others can?

When the server is in maintenance, this means we are working on a major thing behind the scenes. The server is restricted to staff only, or sometimes only the staff members helping with whatever is going on.

Is ClubMinePenguin Disney?

No. We are in no way affiliated with the actual Club Penguin or Disney. This is just made for entertainment (the unique CP in MC experience) and learning (learning how to grow a buisness type platform and management) purposes.