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Don't Share Personal Information

Be sure not to mention

  • Age

  • Full names of you,relatives, or friends

  • Personal Socials

  • Address/City

  • Your Current or Past School(s)

Be careful while chatting to players on the server and online in general!

Respect All Players


  • Treat others the way you want to be treated

  • Keep rude/offensive thoughts to yourself!

  • Be kind to others, you might become friends!

Be Aware


  • Be cautious of what you and others are saying

  • If anyone asks for personal information, decline and contact a staff member, parent, or guardian right away

  • It's awesome to talk to other people! Just be sure the topics aren't too personal/unconformable you

  • Feel free to share this with others!

Keep Your Accounts Safe!


  • Never share your password(s)! Except your parent(s) or guardian(s)

  • Write your passwords down and safely store them

  • Don't have a simple password

  • Don't sign up to a sketchy site - they may steal your info!

  • It's good to use different passwords for each site/game/account

Speak Up!

Feeling uncomfortable, threatened, or being harassed?

  • Tell your parent(s) or guardian(s)

  • If on CMP, contact a staff member!

  • Don't be rude back

  • Ignore the bully and report the situation

  • Make sure your parent(s) or guardian(s) know what you are doing online

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