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Operation Retaliation: Q&A with Herbert

Herbert was walking around in the town and he managed his busy time to chat with me. He seemed to be rushing a bit! MJ: What are you doing to the island? Herbert: Ha! Ha! I am destroying it obviously! The meteor was just the beginning, you guys have to prepeare your lighthouse and pathways and precious EPF!!! MJ: Where is Klutzy? Herbert: Him and his crabby friends have a place at the Ski Village, the Ski Lodge seemed to be a great fit for him! Aswell as the Crab W.. I mean Puffle Wild! MJ: What are you gonna do when the EPF stops you? Herbert: Who said they were gonna stop me? MWHAHAHA! Herbert was acting very suspicious, he is up to something and we all need to stop him! ​ Did you enjoy this interview? Remember! Leave question suggestions in the comments! Waddle On, - ClubMinePenguin Team

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