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Operation Retaliation: Q&A with Herbert

Herbert was walking around in the town and he managed his busy time to chat with me. He seemed to be rushing a bit! MJ: What are you doing to the island? Herbert: Ha! Ha! I am destroying it obviously! The meteor was just the beginning, you guys have to prepeare your lighthouse and pathways and precious EPF!!! MJ: Where is Klutzy? Herbert: Him and his crabby friends have a place at the Ski Village, the Ski Lodge seemed to be a great fit for him! Aswell as the Crab W.. I mean Puffle Wild! MJ: What are you gonna do when the EPF stops you? Herbert: Who said they were gonna stop me? MWHAHAHA! Herbert was acting very suspicious, he is up to something and we all need to stop him! Did you enjoy this interview? Remember! Leave question suggestions in the comments! Waddle On, - ClubMinePenguin Team

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