Waddle On Party: ON NOW! (TRIVIA DATES)

The Waddle On Party is on CMP now! There is new trivia each day! FEB 28 PUFFLE TRIVIA FOREST 2:00pm PST MAR 1 SPY TRIVIA EPF 2:00pm PST MAR 2 PARTY TRIVIA COVE 2:15pm PST MAR 3 ITEM TRIVIA DOCK 3:30pm PST MAR 4 NINJA TRIVIA DOJO COURTYARD 2:00pm PST MAR 5 GAME TRIVIA STADIUM 2:00pm PST MAR 6 HISTORY TRIVIA PLAZA 2:00pm PST Its gonna be a fun event! Hope to see you guys there! Waddle On, - ClubMinePenguin Team

Operation Retaliation: Now Over!

Great work too all agents who helped out with Operation Retaliation! We all worked together to make our way to the Ski Village no matter what obstacle fell in our way. We were able to stop herbert from destroying the half of the island and fix the island up! Thank you too all agents who helped, we truly appreciate it! Waddle On, - ClubMinePenguin Team

Operation Retaliation: Q&A with The Director

I managed to talk to the Director with their busy schedule but I can't reveal their identity. MJ: What are your thoughts on Operation Retaliation victory? D: It was great and I loved how all the agents worked together to stop Herbert. MJ: Do you think Herbert is gonna return? D: Yes he always finds a way to manage a way back on to the island and try to foil the island and its penguins, we will always be ready! MJ: Are you ever gonna reveal your idenity? D: My idenity is very classified and can't reveal it to the public eye! It was great to talk with The Director they are very knowledgeable! ​ Did you enjoy this interview? Remember! Leave question suggestions in the comments! Wad

Operation Retaliation: Q&A with Rookie

I caught up with Rookie after he lost his propellor cap today, I asked him a few questions! MJ: What happened to your hat? ROOKIE: Well, I was gonna turn it on and fly up, but it flew off my head and now I lost it! MJ: Are you still able to speak crab? ROOKIE: Click! Clickty click click! (Yes, I have speaken to Klutzy!) MJ: Are you gonna help us through the rest of the Operation? ROOKIE: It seems like you guys need a highly trained agent to help you all, so its probably best I stay to assist you all! Rookie is a very silly guy! Im glad I got to catch up with him, he even told me some jokes! ​ Did you enjoy this interview? Remember! Leave question suggestions in the comments! Wa

Operation Retaliation: Q&A with Herbert

Herbert was walking around in the town and he managed his busy time to chat with me. He seemed to be rushing a bit! MJ: What are you doing to the island? Herbert: Ha! Ha! I am destroying it obviously! The meteor was just the beginning, you guys have to prepeare your lighthouse and pathways and precious EPF!!! MJ: Where is Klutzy? Herbert: Him and his crabby friends have a place at the Ski Village, the Ski Lodge seemed to be a great fit for him! Aswell as the Crab W.. I mean Puffle Wild! MJ: What are you gonna do when the EPF stops you? Herbert: Who said they were gonna stop me? MWHAHAHA! Herbert was acting very suspicious, he is up to something and we all need to stop him! ​ Did

Operation Retaliation: Q&A with Dot

Dot has been sneaking around the island and finding us new information about Herbert, she also has been giving me some great fashion tips! Here is my interview with her! MJ: What have you seen sneaking around the island? DOT: When I made my may into the Ski Village area I didn't see much, I noticed a new building in the area and that Herbert was entering the Everyday Phoning Facility! Gary will eventually bring all the agents there and we will explore! MJ: What are your tips for best safety? DOT: My tips are to listen to Gary and follow instructions, If you are able to do that I believe you will be safe! MJ: What do you think Herbert is up too? DOT: He is most likely up to the same th

Operation Retaliation: Q&A with Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic has been reporting alot about the Operation so far, I have decided to catch up with her and find out her thoughts on the current issues! MJ: What is your part in the current Operation? AA: Well from the beginning, I was reporting what has happened on CMP news! I want the penguins to know whats going on so they are not scared or frightened! When the meteor was close and hit I was able to cover the story and help Gary out a bit! MJ: Are you the Director? AA: The Director? I dont think I have heard of him! MJ: Will you be here through out the whole Operation? AA: Yes, I will be here to continue covering new news about the Operation and help out Gary and the community as much

Operation Retaliation: Q&A with Gary

As I was wandering around the Snow Forts at the Operation, I ran into Gary! He let me ask him a few questions before he left! MJ: What are your thoughts on the destruction the meteor caused? Gary: Well, I had been tracking this meteor for awhile now, and knew it would hit! I never knew the damage would be so intense. It make me feel sad that Herbert may be behind this, but the EPF will defeat him! MJ: Where can EPF agents meet to discuss the current issues? Gary: Hmm, this is top secret! But if your a EPF agent I recommend going to the Forest and looking around there since the HQ is unable to be accessed at the moment! MJ: Are there any more reported meteors? JPG: I believe not, Herbe

Operation Retaliation: Mascot Meetup Times (2)

CLASSIFIED - For EPF eyes only! Outstanding work so far agents! As Operation Retaliation continues on, Gary and other agents will be staying to assist EPF agents at the following times: DAY DATE TIME MASCOT Thursday Feb. 16th 3:00 PM Rookie Friday Feb. 17th 5:00 PM Gary Saturday Feb. 18th 4:45 AM Aunt Arctic Saturday Feb. 18th 1:00 PM Dot Sunday Feb. 19th 11:45 AM Rookie Monday Feb. 20th 4:45 PM Gary Tuesday

Operation Retaliation: Q&A with Jet Pack Guy

Hey Penguins, I recentally caught up Jet Pack Guy and asked him a few questions! Here is what he had to say! ​ MJ: What do you think caused this meteor? JPG: I honestly do not know, but I know that the community will work together to save the island and conquer whatever challanges they may have to face! MJ: Do you think Herbert is involved? JPG: To be honest, I would not doubt it, he always seems to use these sorta things to his advantage! MJ: Will the island be saved? JPG: I believe it will be saved but we cant start so soon until we investigate what is going on, on that side of the island! That was my interview with Jet Pack Guy! Im going to be interviewing alot more mascots durin

Operation Retaliation: Mascot Meetup Times (1)

CLASSIFIED - For EPF eyes only! The EPF is sending one of its best and brightest agents to help out with Operation Retaliation, Jetpack Guy! With him he is bringing Aunt Arctic and Dot to fill in on some days! Jetpack Guy, Aunt Arctic and Dot are very excited to here that they would be able to visit and help the penguins through this time on the island! They also got some word on dates Herbert may be visiting!?!? DAY DATE TIME MASCOT Sunday Feb. 12th 12:00 PM Herbert Sunday Feb. 12th 3:30 PM Dot Monday Feb. 13th 4:45 P

Happy Birthday limegreenicy

So, tomorrow is CMP's founder, Limegreenicy's birthday, We are going to celebrate his birthday with some special guests, Down below there will be a list of times that these "Special Guests" will appear, keep an eye out on the server also for some unexpected visits from these special guests. Remember to wish lime a Happy Birthday! Have Fun! DATE TIME MASCOT Feb 11th 2:00 PM Aunt Arcitc Feb 11th 4:00 PM Aunt Arctic Feb 11th 7:00 PM

Camping Mini Event

Recentally a few guests have been asking that we had a "Camping Mini Event" Well, I'm here to tell you, there will be a Camping Mini Event, coming this weekend for all to enjoy! You can check this mini event out from Feb. 9th - 11th! There will sadly not be any mascots on CMP this weekend, But keep an eye out for some mysterious stuff coming February 12th to the island! You wont wanna miss it! Are you gonna try and camp out a night on CMP? Let us know in the comments! Waddle On - ClubMinePenguin Team P.S The camp site is at the Ski Village!

Important Announcement Regarding Club Penguin and CMP's Future

As many of you know Club Penguin is shutting down on March 29, 2017. So you might be asking what will happen with CMP. Well here is what's happening. CMP will not be closing, and it will be continuing the legacy of Club Penguin. We will still be having parties, mascots, items and much more features to come! CP will for sure be missed, and we will continue remembering it on CMP. Waddle on, - ClubMinePenguin Team

Trivia Event

Hi, penguins! I've been having so much fun playing trivia with you all at the iceberg! I've decided to make this an official activity during some weekends on ClubMinePenguin. Sound good, right? You can play some trivia with your friends from Feb. 4th - 6th AND, for players who havent particiapted in it, I want you to know it will return!! Can't wait to see you all online! What other fun activities would you guys like to see? Let us know in the comments below. Waddle on, ​- ClubMinePenguin Team

February Party Teaser Released!

The recent teaser trailer for the upcoming February party left a lot of penguins wondering what Operation Crustacean had to do with it. Well, time for some explaining! In the backstory as you saw in the teaser, Herbert betrayed the penguins and escaped with klutzy in an escape pod. In the escape pod, Herbert runs in an asteroid belt. The pod crashed into an asteroid, knocking it off course. That very asteroid is the one that is slowly heading towards the island! All we can do is wait to see what happens when the asteroid hits! It's guaranteed that it will hit near or at the dock on February 12th. I recommend being there! For now, ​ Waddle on! - ClubMinePenguin Team

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