Happy Halloween 2017!

Boo! Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has had a spooky October, and of course, a great day today! Whether you're going out to Trick-Or-Treat, or watch some scary movies, or anything of the sort, I hope you have a good time! Although we couldn't be open in time to put on the halloween party, we are planning something spook-tacular for next year! For this year, we've had a great time talking about Halloween topics on our discord throughout this month. I hope everyone has a great night, and remember to stay safe! >:D

Club Penguin's 12th Anniversary!

Club Penguin in general has been around for 12 whole years! What?! It's amazing to think that Club Penguin has lasted this long, and the community is going strong! Although we have moved past Classic CP to find new and more adventures, it still seems the same to me. The team over at Club Penguin are still friendly, the community is still here, it's great! As a little tribute to Club Penguin, some of the staff team and I shared our favorite memory in Club Penguin so far. Click here to watch the video! Feel free to share your favorite Club Penguin memory with us! And until then, Waddle On!

Staff Applications Are Now Open!

(some of the staff have sweet halloween skins!)^ Hi penguins! Staff applications have just re-opened, so if you want to join the CMP Staff Team, now's your chance! All you have to do is 1.) Go to the "Apply" page on this website 2.) Read what it says and click the "Apply Now" text 3.) Read the main application page 4.) Choose to apply for either Moderator and Developer (and staff departments if you choose) 5.) Compose an email to ClubMinePenguin@gmail.com 6.) Answer the questions in the email and send! TIP: Try to make it as organized as you can, classify what you are applying for, and be honest with every question! For those applying, good luck! If any questions, feel free to l

New Rank Changes!

Hey penguins! Huh, I can actually call you guys that now because of this wonderful rank update! We felt like our ranks needed to be a bit more club penguin-ey, since after all, we are a club penguin minecraft server. So, we changed some of our ranks to match / be more like Club Penguin. Here's what was changed! Guest -> Penguin In Club Penguin, no one called each other guests, that was never a thing, so we changed the default rank (guest) to Penguin! Seems to fit into the theme better Membership -> Member As this isn't a HUGE change, calling members, member, seems quicker and better as a rank name. Membership+ -> Deluxe No, not Deluxe as in McDonalds *cough* pursuantpuma *cough*. Deluxe a

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