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New Rank Changes!

Hey penguins! Huh, I can actually call you guys that now because of this wonderful rank update! We felt like our ranks needed to be a bit more club penguin-ey, since after all, we are a club penguin minecraft server. So, we changed some of our ranks to match / be more like Club Penguin. Here's what was changed! Guest -> Penguin In Club Penguin, no one called each other guests, that was never a thing, so we changed the default rank (guest) to Penguin! Seems to fit into the theme better Membership -> Member As this isn't a HUGE change, calling members, member, seems quicker and better as a rank name. Membership+ -> Deluxe No, not Deluxe as in McDonalds *cough* pursuantpuma *cough*. Deluxe as in Deluxe Membership. This was an actual thing in Club Penguin, as Membership + wasn't. As we want to be more like Club Penguin, we renamed membership + to deluxe :D Partner -> Partner Just a color change, just thought I might add it in here... For those who don't know, people with the partner rank are a high rank or representative of one of our partners, such as an owner of a server in the MGRC. Staff -> Moderator or Developer Mod and Developer are actual club penguin staff roles. Sticking to our "be more like club penguin" plan, we changed the regular "Staff" rank to those. 1.) The role "Staff" honestly didn't really make that much sense, as Intern and Director are also staff ranks.. it was kind of weird and confusing for some 2.) We added in Developer because having it as a Staff department was keeping it from showing it's shine. Our developers, whether they're doing plugin work, resource pack work, etc. deserves more than a department. We believe dev work belongs in another category other than Moderator. I hope that wasn't too much to read.. o-o With that all said, I hope you enjoy these changes! If you have any questions or anything of the sort, feel free to leave a comment (look out for those replies), use the contact form, or use the #support channel on our Discord server! Waddle on, limegreenicy

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