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Free for all simple survival server!

Woo! This has been long awaited... and by that I mean like 2 days, but anyways, the time has come! We have just un-whitelisted the server so people can play some normal good ol minecraft survival with the rest of the community while we staff members carry on with our work on the new and improved Club Penguin map and features! Creative is also expected to come out around the 26th (of this month) so be sure to look for that as well! With these things releasing, we do have oonneee more surprise to enjoy while progress on the new CP continues. But you didn't hear that from me... ;) You should expect to see this surprise roll out soon after the creative server is done. BUT before you go off and play, make sure you read the rules board when you first enter the creative and survival server. Rules are fun! With that said, we hope you enjoy the survival server! Make sure you contact us if you have any further questions! ​Until then, Waddle On!

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