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Waddle On Party: ON NOW! (TRIVIA DATES)

The Waddle On Party is on CMP now! There is new trivia each day! FEB 28 PUFFLE TRIVIA FOREST 2:00pm PST MAR 1 SPY TRIVIA EPF 2:00pm PST MAR 2 PARTY TRIVIA COVE 2:15pm PST MAR 3 ITEM TRIVIA DOCK 3:30pm PST MAR 4 NINJA TRIVIA DOJO COURTYARD 2:00pm PST MAR 5 GAME TRIVIA STADIUM 2:00pm PST MAR 6 HISTORY TRIVIA PLAZA 2:00pm PST Its gonna be a fun event! Hope to see you guys there! Waddle On, - ClubMinePenguin Team

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