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Summer Jam 2020: Cadence Meetups

The Summer Jam Party is in full swing and Cadence is so stoked to meet all of you on the island for a splash-tastic time.

She has been performing with the Penguin Band and wants to meet you all personally on the island! Cadence provided me with some meetup dates for you all to have the chance to meet her on the island.

Friday, July 3rd @ 3:00pm PST

Saturday, July 4th @ 12:00pm PST

Monday, July 6th @ 4:00pm PST

Wednesday, July 8th @ 3:00pm PST

Saturday, July 11th @ 1:00pm PST

Remember! The times listed above are in Penguin Standard Time.

Let's get this party started, see you on the island!


Waddle on,


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