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CMP Gamemodes Update!

Hey penguins! After temporarily closing, the server’s Survival and Creative servers have updated and are back!

=-Survival Additions-=

(+) New Survival Lobby!

> You now have access to 3 modes of Survival, which can be accessed from the lobby

(+) Protected Survival

> In Protected Survival, you can have land claims. Griefing of any kind is not permitted. PvP is limited as well

(+) Free for All Survival

> In FFA Survival, there are no claims and pvp is enabled. This means looting and griefing is allowed. Choose your locations wisely!

(+) Hardcore Survival

> In Hardcore Survival, it takes surviving up a notch. Thirst is a feature, meaning you will have to drink water! Along with that, weather effects your health. There will be more obstacles along the way!

=-Survival Additions-=

(+) New Creative Lobby!

> You now have access to 2 modes of Creative (as of now), which can be accessed from the lobby

(+) Creative Plots

> You can claim a plot and build whatever your imagination can come up with (following the server rules!). These are a bit bigger than the last plots

(+) Large Creative Plots

> Much like Creative Plots, you can build, but on a larger scale! These creative plots have a large area to build on.

(+) Plot Claiming

> Penguins can claim 1 plot on each, Members can claim 2 plots on each, and Deluxes & above can claim 3 plots on each

With these updates still fresh and new, some issues/bugs may occur. Please make sure to notify any available staff member on the server or in the #support channel on our Discord!

With this open, we will continue our focus on Classic Club Penguin. Though, look out for updates and new modes on the gamemodes server!

Have any suggestions for future updates? Make sure to leave them in our #suggestions channel on Discord, we’re always looking into them!

Until next time,

Waddle On!

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