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What's Been Going On?

Hey folks!

So, everyone's kind of been in the dark about the progress and server status. I'm here to come forward and make stuff more in the clear for everyone.

To start, the hard truth is that the staff team and I are packed with real life issues that vary. For me it was mainly medical issues, finals/school, and my volunteering job. We've all been busy, and we've been putting out staff motto, "real life always comes first" as our priority. Because, in reality, as much as we love and cherish the work we are doing on the server, it shouldn't overtake our on going lives.

Now, to the real pressing issue. Our previous server host randomly went off the grid, no kidding. We've tried all forms of contact and talked to other people who used their service, and there's literally no word. We do not have such a recent backup of the club penguin map, and we do not have any up to date creative and survival backups. All of those, were stored on the server's FTP.

So, what does this mean? We've found a new reliable host, and I'll personally store frequent backups of the servers on my pc. We're going to re-make the creative, survival, and lobby servers, and continue our progress on club penguin with what we have.

This is defiantly a major setback as we were planning to release around this time of the month, though we will continue on.

In other news, tragically, Disney put the official Club Penguin franchise to an end. However, we aren't going anywhere. Along with all aspects of the Club Penguin community, we'll carry it on. It's more than just an online penguin game. It inspires so much creativity, and it united people from all over the world. I've personally learned so much from friends through this game, and the staff team. I'm pursuing media arts and cinematography and Club Penguin was the main inspiration for it. Together, we thrive as a community!

We really do have a lot in store, and it is a major upgrade from what we first released with in 2016. Even with Disney ending the franchise, the community is still thriving, as we intend to do so as well!

Thank you for everyone's patience and support - and as always

Waddle On,



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