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IMPORTANT Announcement Regarding the Server and the Future

Greetings penguins, Starting on May 18th, the server will be whitelisted to the public, to make way for new exciting features, meaning it will be closed to the general audience. Once we have a stable server and complete the Club Penguin Minecraft experience with Mini Games, Puffles, Igloos, etc. we will be back up for all to enjoy! We cannot fairly estimate of when all will be completed, however we assure we will be back. Until then, we will continue our discord server and social medias. Our YouTube channel will be on a bit of a hold as we won't have any content to release until we are close to opening. Our website will still be open to view, however changes will be implemented starting with some minor ones. We will still be accepting emails and discord messages as well. In order to email us, the contact form at the bottom of the "About" page will be up and running until larger changes get implemented to the website. To contact us on discord, you can message limegreenicy, DJ_Dancer, or the ClubMinePenguin account. They can be found on the ClubMinePenguin discord server []. We cannot wait for everyone to explore everything we will have to offer! If any questions or concerns occur, you know where to contact us! Waddle On, - ClubMinePenguin Administrative

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